Sister Claire

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Sister Claire is a webcomic, created in 2008 by Yamino and published by Hiveworks. It is currently authored by Yamino and Ash and edited by Laura[1].

Set in a post-apocalyptic world where the power of magick is tempered by the ever-present threat of Shards, the story includes a large cast of characters in events spanning several decades.


The story of Sister Claire is written through multiple media:


The comics follow Claire in what is considered to be the "present-day" storyline[2]. They are drawn by Yamino and published on the Sister Claire website.

Missing Moments

The Missing Moments are illustrated stories that follow a number of characters through events preceding the comic storyline[2]. They are written by Ash and illustrated by Yamino.


Livewrites are stories in Missing Moment style that Ash writes before a live audience, using Google Docs' collaborative features. Ash writes these stories unplanned, sometimes on a topic suggested by a Patreon backer. These stories are not necessarily canon, although it's not uncommon for events from livewrites to later be included in a canonical story.