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Primary character


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Title Sister
Born First day of Spring, 22 AC
Gender Female
Species Purified Shard (see Birth)
First Appearance Sister Claire Book 1, Chapter 1, Page 5
Magick * Communication with plants
  • Shard purification

Claire is the main protagonist and titular character of Sister Claire. She is a purified remnant of Clementine (see Birth) and inherited many of Clementine's abilities and memories.

Claire was raised by the nuns of the Mercy abbey, primarily by Catharine.[1]

Claire is a Witch, with the ability to communicate with and control plants[2] and to purify Shards[3]. As a result of purifying a Shard, Claire has horns or antlers growing from her head[4].



Claire came into being from a fragment of Clementine's horns[5] three years after Clementine's death, on the first day of spring[6], 22 AC[7]. When she was first discovered by Catharine, she was found inside a pomegranate-like fruit that had grown from the horn fragment Catharine had buried, the same fragment she took from Hanabi[8]. She had the appearance of a young Shard, but changed to the form of a human baby after Catharine picked her up and sang to her.[9] It is unclear what caused this transformation, as Catharine did not use her magick.

Early years

The Mercy abbey nuns raised Claire alongside Rosalie and Marie. While all the nuns contributed to her upbringing, Claire regarded Catharine as her mother.[10]

At first she was educated in the abbey's school, but after repeated bullying by village children due to her resemblance to The Horned One she was tutored by Catharine instead.[11]

From an early age Claire exhibited possession of some of Clementine's memories, recalling Gabby and Eden despite never having been taught about them.[12] Young Claire also demonstrated her ability to purify Shards, finding and purifying Snowy.

Twins Shard reversion incident and aftermath

Main article: Twins shard reversion incident

In 28 AC, Claire purified the twins Rosalie and Marie after they reverted to Shard form.[13][14] In the aftermath, Mother Yolanda uses her memory-alterning magick on those involved to protect them from the effects of severe trauma and to prevent the twins from reverting again. As a result, Claire lost her memories of anything related to Clementine, Gabby, and her own magick.

The "Messiah" hoax

Leaving Mercy Abbey