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Based off of vampires, Bloodteeth are human in origin and turn into dust upon contact with sunlight. They have sharp teeth, pointed ears, and wings, as well as longevity (enough time for names to be wiped clean from gravestones/centuries). The ones who have not mindlessly engorged upon human blood retain their sapience. They also remain mostly human in appearance (e.g. skin color, eye color, etc.) However, those who go feral become “shriveled and bleached and shrunken” and have crimson eyes. Teeth can weaken to the point of splintering if kept in the Helsing’s bestiary. It is unclear whether a Bloodtooth must go feral in order to infect others.


  Missing Moments:
  Live Writes: 78, 121

Notable Quotes (feel free to change or delete)

“When they had too much, they changed. They flew away, they… they only wanted to eat, they forgot— everything,” - Bloodtooth kid, Livewrite 121

“‘Hey. I’m here,’ and pulls the clouds open, like curtains, and the sun pours down and he’s still laughing when he goes to dust in her arms.” - Jackson, Livewrite 121